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Anna Spierewka

Meditation and Yoga
Anna Spierewka

Anna started practising yoga around 1990 when she went to  Iyengar yoga classes. The result was life-changing. She felt her body open up and be revitalised in a way that she had not felt before. She was inspired to follow her interest in meditation and before long started to teach. She continued regular meditation and simple yoga practices in the years following. With a renewed enthusiasm for yoga, Anna decided to become a yoga instructor. Today her own practice is a fusion of the vinyasa, hatha and yin styles of yoga that she has learned.

Responding to a need that she saw in her students, Anna has developed a special interest in and love for teaching gentle and therapeutic forms of yoga. She likes to bring the powerful teachings of the past to her yoga and meditation classes to improve the wellbeing of her students, body, mind and spirit.


Anna remains committed to ongoing learning and regular practice. She has completed formal yoga or meditation training with Idit Hefer Tamir (Sukha Mukha Yoga), Sarah Powers, Simon Borg-Olivier, Ruth and Ian Gawler, Jo Phee, and at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and the Yoga Institute. She is a registered 350 hour teacher with Yoga Australia.

Short Courses at Lotus Health 2017

With a view to making meditation and yoga more accessible, Anna offers short courses and workshops to assist others to establish and maintain their practice.


Yoga for relaxation and meditation (6 sessions)

This is a series of gentle yoga classes intended to calm, centre and balance; to quiet the mind, open and refresh the body and lift the spirit. It is based on the principles of the eight limbs of yoga which combines various practices, like yoga postures, including stretches, gentle flowing movements and floor poses, with deep breathing or chanting or relaxation exercises, and finishing with a seated guided meditation. An all round pick-me-up.
It is suitable for those with little or no yoga experience.

See workshop page for details.

Introduction to Meditation (6 sessions)

Meditation reduces stress and increase health, well-being, creativity and abiding satisfaction. This short course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of meditation. It draws on ancient teachings as well as modern teachers, science and holistic health to present a universal approach to meditation that is easy to follow.
We will experiment with a variety of meditation techniques, like focus on the breath, mantra, mindfulness, concentration on an object, chakra meditation and creative visualisation. You will learn to practise these simple and practical techniques to still the mind and uncover the layers to find inner stillness, clarity and joy. There will be tips about overcoming the obstacles to meditation and plenty of opportunity to ask questions in this small group setting.
Whether you are a first time meditator or want to refresh your meditation practice, this course has something for everyone.

See workshop page for details.

More Information

For information and bookings, you can email Anna on:
m: 0424 986 313

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