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Anna Spierewka

Meditation and Yoga
Anna Spierewka

Anna started practising yoga 25 years ago, initially in the Iyengar style. She felt her body open up and renew itself and she was inspired to also follow her interest in meditation. She became a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy and before long started to teach.

Anna has experimented with varying yoga styles, hatha, vinyasa and yin, and has maintained a daily meditation practice. Her teaching style is clear and easy to follow. She feels that yoga and meditation help to restore harmony to body, mind and spirit, and to develop inner awareness and connection with the higher self.


Anna was a personal meditation student of Sri Chinmoy for twelve years and she continues to support her meditation with retreats, pilgrimages and participation in the spiritual/yoga community. She has completed formal yoga and meditation training with Idit Hefer Tamir (Sukha Mukha Yoga), Sarah Powers, Simon Borg-Olivier, Ruth and Ian Gawler and at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. She is a registered 350 hour teacher with Yoga Australia.

With a view to making meditation and yoga more accessible, Anna offers short courses and workshops to assist others to establish and maintain their practice.


Meditation for Inner Peace (6 sessions)

Cultivating equanimity – the expanded version of this course focusses on developing inner confidence and poise, and the freedom to live more fully without submitting to the stresses of modern living. Simple meditation methods allow the practitioner to delve beneath the surface and find abiding awareness and peace. The principles of peace; detachment; mindfulness; wisdom and equanimity are presented, along with ways to develop them and make them part of everyday awareness.

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Yoga for relaxation and meditation (6 sessions)

This is a series of gentle yoga classes that will have you floating out the door at the end of each class. It is intended to relax, heal, centre and balance; to calm the mind, replenish the body and lift the spirit. It is suitable for those with little or no yoga asana experience.
Classes may include a combination of:

  • physical asana with gentle flowing movements, floor poses and stretches
  • breathing
  • chanting
  • relaxation
  • meditation.

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Meditation for inner joy (4 sessions)

Unlock the heart's potential – this course focusses on simple and effective meditation techniques to reconnect with the heart and infinite potential for love and joy. Understand the nature of suffering and how to moderate experiences to bring more harmony to your relationships, with yourself and with the world. Apply the principles of gratitude, oneness and simplicity to feel increased happiness and satisfaction in life.

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Bringing Meditation into Your Life (workshops)

If you meditate or have ever tried to meditate, these workshops, held periodically, will refresh and reinforce your meditation practice. You will be reminded of the essentials and given pointers on how to make meditation a normal part of your life. In each workshop Anna will present some philosophy, addressing the big life questions, like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and weave these themes into the meditations so that you can have some first-hand experience of what it all means to you. Held in a relaxed style with the opportunity for interaction.
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For information and bookings, you can email Anna on:
m: 0424 986 313

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