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Articles by Giselle

MENOPAUSE: how to achieve a smooth transition and stay lean
Menopause - staying slim Based on 30 years carng for menopausal women, Giselle offers a recipe for staying svelte through the menopause.
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ASTHMA – causes, symptoms and natural cures
Asthma Asthma affects millions of Australians, in particular an increasing number of children. It has a genetic basis and is influenced by environmental, allergic, microbial, nutritional, postural and emotional factors and may affect the individual in a mild, moderate or severe way.
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glucose, protein, oxygen and water...

Giselle Cooke MB, BS, Dip Acup, DBM

Wholistic & Preventative Health Care
Giselle Cooke

Giselle trained as a medical practitioner at The University of NSW in the 1970's, an era when medicine became more progressive, community-based and patient-centric.

She discovered the treasure trove of alternative medicines during her undergraduate years, exploring and studying traditional Chinese medicine at night school whilst developing skills and knowledge in medicine and surgery.

Her professional journey led her to become more broadly trained in complementary medicines than any other Australian medical practitioner, becoming a most highly respected and recognised practitioner of wholistic and integrative medicine in Sydney over the next 30 years.

Giselle's optimal health discovery programs:
  • optimal wellness recovery programs for chronic health issues
  • healthy ageing & rejuvenation programs
  • allergy-free forever - a wholistic health solution
  • managing inflammatory & autoimmune conditions naturally
  • recovery programs for cancer survivors
  • navigating the menopause the natural way, bio-identical hormone replacement
  • natural migraine solutions that work
  • anxiety, depression and hypertension management without drugs
  • healthy thyroid management
  • liver detoxification programs
  • managing metabolic syndrome
  • managing period pain wholistically
  • healing chronic cystitis, without antibiotics
  • adult acne and psoriasis cured naturally
  • healthy conception, healthy pregnancy & healthy parenting
  • natural health solutions for children's illnesses
  • multiple sclerosis treatments that work
  • assessment of nutritional deficiencies
  • and much more....

Giselle's consultation fees are claimable from most private health funds.
Phone consultations are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: A 24 hour cancellation fee applies - 50% of booking charge

About Giselle

Giselle trained as a medical practitioner, graduating from the University of NSW in 1979. During her undergraduate years she trained in traditional chinese medicine with the Hong Kong college, specialising in acupuncture.

Whilst working on the Central Coast as a GP trainee she undertook studies in Western Herbal Medicine with Mr Denis Stewart, considered by some to be the father of herbal medicine in Australia, at his Southern Cross Herbal Schools.

Giselle sought further training in nutritional medicine and spiritual psychology at the Nature Care College of Natural Therapies, then in Artarmon, NSW. She also lectured the students at this college for twelve years in a variety of medical subjects.

In 1989 she opened a wholistic medical centre, Pymble Grove Health Centre, on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, comprising a large team of medical and complementary medicine practitioners. She practiced as a wholistic medical practitioner there for 16 years. At that time it was a unique concept in comprehensive health care delivery and has grown steadily in strength and reputation since then to be one of the busiest and most established wholistic medical centres in Australasia.

During this period Giselle also lectured at Macquarie University at the School of Chiropractic, for the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and to various medical, nursing and other colleges on alternative medicine. She delivered public lectures throughout Australia and in Malaysia, and has delivered papers at numerous complementary medicine conferences in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Amongst her political activities, Giselle served on the executive of the Australian Complementary Medicine Association, was Convenor of Health Network Australia and spokesperson for the Complementary Health Care Council. She belongs to the oldest medical association in the country, the National Herbalists Association of Australia. She is a strong proponent for alternative health care choices and the integrative model of medical and complementary medicine care.

In 1999 Giselle published her first book, Blooming : Healthy Living for Women Over 40 (Lansdowne - reprinted in 2000) and was commissioned to write the companion volume for women under 40 when she embarked upon her next project of creating a retail herbal medicines outlet. She was also medical editor of The Complete Guide to Health & Wellbeing (Lansdowne). Giselle has been a regular contributor to natural health magazines, newspapers, television and radio talk back programs over the past twenty years.

She opened The Modern Apothecary herbal dispensary and teahouse in March 2003, bringing the tradition of the European apothecary out of the renaissance into the twenty-first century. In July 2004 Giselle moved to the apothecary, where she opened a wellness practice with five other practitioners, Health Alchemy, focusing on wholistic and natural health and beauty.

She is working on her third book with media colleague, Suzy Yates, on the positive experiences of parenting teenagers.

Read Giselle's full CV
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