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Marguerite Wetton

Integrated Touch Balance Kinesiology

“Changing habits and belief to change life”

marguerite wettonUsing: Nutrition, somatic modalities, creative art therapies, yoga and mindfulness counselling, learning challenges, neurological repatterning through developmental movement.


32 years yoga and meditation practice
Teaching: Sydney, South Africa, Switzerland.


YOGA AND RELATED THERAPIES: Counselling, education, kinesiology, kinesiology massage related somatic therapies, movement therapies (includin. Body Mind-Centering (R) and Laban approaches). Nutrition and related Steiner-based Anthroposophical therapies.

EDUCATION: BAHDipEd (PG) (Psych), Integrated Religious Studies, Montessori Ed, Steiner Ed, Anthroposophical therapies (UK, Israel, Switzerland, South Africa)

THERAPIES: Brain Gym (R) Educator and training Facilitator, Brain Organisation Profile and Optimal Brain Organisation, DipHom, Anthroposophical prescriber, Reflexology, massage (RASA), Nutritional BioKinetics and nutritional counseling, Kinesiolgoy, Counseling Kinesiology, Founder Integrated Touch Balance (, creative art therapies and story-telling,using: mindfulness, Hakomi, Body-Mind-Centering and cranio-sacral/myo-fascial therapies, positional release, developmental movement.

MEDITATION EXPERIENCE: 32 years practice

Work life

Private Practice and working in clinics or Steiner based schools, for 36yrs, teaching yoga, doing yoga therapies, retreats in Africa, Switzerland, Australia, parent educator in private practice and Steiner schools, Brain Gym (R) facilitation in leadership, corporations, somatic therapies in leadership organisation, workshop presenter, author of many manuals, documents, articles, including KISOMA YOGA - a somatic approach to yoga and acupressure, Conscious Relationships and Conscious Parenting.


Kisoma Yoga

The art of embodied practice

  • acupressure
  • yoga
  • breathing/pranayama
  • body awareness
  • yoga-for-eyes
  • play and discovery
  • restoration and recovery
  • lengthening of tissue
  • mindfulness meditation
  • loving-kindness to self and all the world

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Yoga and MeditationSmall group classes and one-on-one yoga therapy, general classes and with a specific therapeutic focus such as pre-natal.   Far infrared saunaThe Solo Sauna is designed to promote deep, natural, detoxifying sweat. Discover the health benefits of infrared sauna sessions..   Intravenous therapyIV Vitamin treatment has been shown to very beneficial for people going through amalgam removal and heavy metal detoxification, as well as many other health-related conditions.
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