Treating hair loss (Alopoecia)
hair loss, alopoecia

Some tips to help reduce hair loss


pointGood protein intake and processing for proline (hair regeneration) - Hair is constructed from a protein called keratin. We need to consume two palm-sized servings of good quality protein daily, chewed and digested well, to derive the proline needed to generate healthy hair shafts.

Check your finger pulps to see if you are getting enough protein - if they are plump and pointed your tissue protein content is ideal; if they are flat and wrinkled you have protein deficiency.

Protein is also needed to keep the scalp and follicles healthy and well-toned to hold the hair firmly in place. If you check the end of a strand of hair which has fallen out and it has a white bulb a weak follicle is the problem, not retaining the hair strongly in its grasp.

pointZinc, omega-3 oils - Important for health of scalp, especially if psoriasis is present, causing flaking and plaques, which lead to patchy hair loss.

pointSilica, Iron supplements - To keep hair shaft strong

Rosemary oil - Massage into scalp for circulation

Lavender oil -
Massage into scalp for muscle tension

Avoid food allergens
- Food allergies can cause gut wall irritation and damage, which lead to malabsorption of essential nutrients. Hair quality will be affected by this process and skin eruptions may occur on the scalp from elimination of endotoxins from maldigested food (toxic erythema and folliculitis)

Iodine - Underactive thyroid conditions can lead to sparse, dry hair development. This is common after pregnancy, where there is a family history of thyroid disease and if the diet is deficient in iodine. Your practitioner can check your urinary iodine level to assess any deficiency and supplementation can correct this condition.

Gluten-free diet for coeliac patients - A common cause of hair loss today is coeliac disease. If you have alopoecia areata (well-circumscribed bald patches) you may be gluten intolerant. See your doctor for blood testing for coeliac disease. A gluten-free diet can reverse the condition.

Acupuncture/shiatsu - A very effective and immediate way to improve circulation to the scalp and release scalp muscle tension, which can strangle and starve hair follicles. A weekly treatment will also improve associated health conditions such as hormone imbalances, digestive impairment and adrenal stress, all of which may be underlying causes of hair loss.

Exercise, yoga, meditation - To improve circulation and uptake of nutrients and delivery to the scalp and hair, aerobic exercise such as swimming, cycling, dancing and walking is crucial. To balance our exercise by entering into a “neutral” mind state, using yoga or meditation, will help to correct the tone of the nervous system to enable the repair of any tissue damage. Inner beauty is also the reflected externally when we exercise and meditate regularly.

The Galvanic Spa - This is a revolutionary new tool for for home use which invigorates scalp circulation to accelerate healthy hair regeneration, whilst delivering essential nutrients and anti-ageing compounds directly to the cells. This is especially suitable for those who have age- or stress-related hair loss. Convenient, effective safe and affordable.

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