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What is friendship?
FriendshipIt actually just boils down to what our definition of friendship is. Making sure that your friend is there for you is not as important as what friendship you offer to them.
Everyone has a story!
Everyone has a story! Is the grass greener on the other side? Would you swap your problems for somebody else's? 
How we look at things is very important !
How we look at things is very important.If you have been listening to the news and TV for the past few months, you might be feeling a little battered and drained of energy...
Marriage or Partnership - are you still being intimate?Marriage or Partnership - are you still being intimate?
What is the importance of sex? How much is enough?Are you still ‘connected’ with your partner?...


Alexandra Andrews ND MNHAA

Life & Transformational Coach

Alexandra Andrews“Coaching is a dynamic alliance that brings your goals and aspirations to the forefront and achieve your internal desires to create a fulfilled and happy life, while feeling safe and nurtured through the whole process.”

Alexandra is a formally trained Life & Transformational Coach. Her amazing energy, intuition, business and personal acumen is without any question, inspiring and contagious. Alexandra draws from a wealth of past experiences.

Alexandra’s mission is to create forward movement and to help create a better place for people than where they currently find themsleves. Her clients vary from Senior Executives, non-executives, business owners - men and women of all ages seeking support, clarity, direction and purpose in, business, work life, relationships, study and goal setting. She also works with students from Year 11 onwards - tomorrow's leaders.

Her passion to help individuals find, peace, joy, purpose and happiness in all they do. This is her true calling.

Alexandra helps her clients with:

  • Finding and clarifying purpose
  • Stress relief and management
  • Creating and maintaining life balance
  • Clarity
  • Finding or re-finding their passion
  • Being happier and finding their ‘inner spark’ for life
  • Relationship changes
  • Communication break down
  • Sexual discrepancies
  • Affairs
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Sickness or death
  • Partners growth from one another
  • Weight loss and health
  • Performance acceleration
  • Life transitions
  • Finding blockages that hinder the promotion and/or enjoyment of life


Alexandra, your energy and love of what you do comes across with such kindness and uses all the right energy to ensure that anything you do and touch will always be a success. I wish you all the best and know that you will be doing many more amazing things in your lifetime.
James Redfield, Author ‘The Celestine Prophecy’

Alex has been coaching me as her client. She is a dynamic and inspiring personality and this translates into her coaching style. My career as a lawyer and a legal author has progressed in leaps and bou6ds whilst Alex has been coaching me this year. I would recommend her as a coach, particularly to those seeking to breath new life, inspiration and motivation into their work life.
Eric Kalde, Kalde & Associates Commercial Lawyers
Thank you so much for our coaching sessions, just when I needed it the most. You listened and made me feel very comfortable in telling you what was going on in my life. You seemed to ask all the right questions and helped me find awareness and a realisation of how I was processing the issues. After our sessions, I was again able to sleep at night. I would love to work with you again in the future.
Ortal, Sydney Australia
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